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Michael J. Epstein

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Other MJE projects:
Do Not Forsake Me
Oh My Darling

Noisy, bass/drums duo with songs based
on '60s spy-fi show The Prisoner

[Official Web Page][Facebook Page] [Blog][Twitter][Youtube][Mailing List]

Space Balloons
Children's music
[Official Web Page][Facebook Page]
[My Blog Posts][Twitter][Youtube]

Darling Pet Munkee
garage/surf songs about items sold in comic books
[Official Web Page][Facebook Page]
[My Blog Posts]

Neutral Uke Hotel
Uke based Neutral Milk Hotel sing-a-long
Official Web Page][Facebook Page]
[My Blog Posts][Twitter][Youtube]

The Motion Sick

Indie rock with an emphasis on song

[Official Web Page][Major Press Accolades]
[Facebook][Twitter][Youtube][Mailing List]

The Positronic Rays
Space-themed One Night Band

Misc. Songs
July 4, 1976
Ode to the Somerville Turkey